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The Academic Programs and Research Learning Communities have joined up to become one community in ACE. This new, combined LC will focus on professional development for those involved in agricultural communication research and academic programming activities. 

Happy 2017, Colleagues!

We know several separate emails have come out from the Academic Programs and Research Learning Community about various calls, so allow us to summarize the items and dates. Also, our call for outstanding theses/dissertations and call for research proposals have each been revised to specify the research must be centered on agricultural communication. We also revised the call for the awards of excellence to clarify the nominee must be a current ACE member. Details about each call can be found here:

Remember that at least one author or committee member (in the case of theses, dissertations, or proposals) must be a current ACE member in order for the submission to enter the review process. Membership fees are owed every January 1, so ensure you get that paid before submitting or checking with your colleague. The same rule applies to anyone who is nominated for an award.


Your APR LC leadership crew -
Katie Abrams
Kelsey Hall
Courtney Gibson
Lisa Lundy
Jessica Holt


Academic & Research Leaders

Chair: Katie Abrams, Colorado State University, katie.abrams@colostate.edu 

Vice Chair: Kelsey Hall, Utah State University, kelsey.hall@usu.edu

Research Officer: Courtney Gibson, Texas Tech University, courtney.d.gibson@ttu.edu

PD Officer:  Lisa Lundy, University of Florida, lisalundy@ufl.edu

Secretary: Jessica Holt, University of Georgia, jaholt@uga.edu


See and contribute to the ACE Academic and Research Learning Community blog.

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