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Dr. Jolene Erlacher

Jolene has a doctorate in education and leadership and has done extensive research on generational trends. She has worked in education and non-profit contexts for two decades. Jolene is a certified IPSAT coach and church consultant. In addition to writing several books, Jolene provides regular training for churches, businesses, and schools on how to engage and teach the next generation (www.leadingtomorrow.org). Jolene and her husband have twin 9-year-old daughters and live in central NC.     

Communicating Across Generations: How to make meaningful connections and inspire motivation

Today, as many as five generations are interacting in communities and workplaces. We regularly experience the resulting differences in priorities, perspectives, and behaviors in our society and institutions. Communicating in this context presents unique challenges as younger generations often possess views and expectations distinct from those even a few years older. Understanding the diverse learning styles, values, and communication preferences of different generations can help us to make meaningful connections and inspire motivation. Practical tips and tools for navigating generational differences can equip us to effectively communicate and lead across generations.

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