ACE Memories

Collected at ACE/NETC conference in Indianapolis, June, 2013

Larry Whiting singing “Anything You Want” as Roy Orbison.

Quebec City – 2006!!!What wasn’t fabulous about that one?!! Maple syrup, cold weather, friendly faces!Come back to Canada soon, eh?!

Washington, D.C. 2000 – Meeting Ralph Nadar.

Denver 2011 – Enjoyed post-conference trip to Rocky Mountain National Park!

Hadley Read’s book – “Morning Chores.”

Lake Tahoe – Katie Paine – “Measure What Matters!”

Hiking at Tent Rocks, New Mexico.  Albuquerque  2007.Vertigo.

Discussing luggage packing tips with Susan.The carry-on only challenge.

Idaho 1994 – Rafting the Salmon River (river of no return)

Seeing Bill Clinton address ACE members. Impressive how he tailored his talk for this audience.  Then there was the “futurist” who used an overhead projector.

Doing Dollywood with the ACE Board.

Lots of change since 1953 – much of it good.

The haunted B&B Tom Knecht took us to for the fall board meeting when he was president .

Meeting Gary Hermance.

South Dakota 1991 – Loretta LaRouche, Jan White, Jeffrey Lant, Deadwood (Martha Filipic’s fiasco). Gary Hermance trying on little boy cowboy hats. Tom Brokow, Jimmy Stewart, President H.W. Bush at Mt. Rushmore ceremony.  Rapid City a great host.

Buck O’neil and all that jazz—K.C.!

Washington, D.C. – 1988 – Meeting Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton @ ACE.

Ronald Reagan in 1984.

St. Paul – 1990 – and the Yoder boys from Ohio.They were a hoot.

Loretta LaRouch – She changed the way I teach writing.

Gary Vaynerchuk  speaking virtually.Albuquerque ’07.That was St. Louis, 2010 – crushed it!

When ACE became the parent organization of ACT. Cornell meeting. 1970.

Asilomar and Kris B’s toe pointing technique.

Tony Hillerman in Albuquerque 2007.

Eating grits with writer Rick Bragg before his keynote, Savannah 2002.

Knoxville, TN – Fire alarms at all hours!

K.D. Paine @ Lake Tahoe!

Walking four miles to play basketball in the worst neighborhood in Des Moines and having to play a bunch of kids for the court.

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