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ACE Critique & Awards Program -  the complete list of 2019 C&A Awards recipients and OPS Videos can be found here.

Your ACE team is already at work preparing for and taking steps to improve the 2020 C&A program. What you should know and do now: 

    • The 2020 ACE C&A program will open in early January, with a firm deadline of January 31. 

The Critique and Awards Program is an annual event geared toward providing members with professional critiques of their work and recognizing those who have done an outstanding job.

Class Descriptions:

Click here for the complete list of class descriptions or below for individual classes.

ACE Leadership Awards -

For more information about each award, click on the green links below.

  • ACE Pofessional Award – the highest recognition given by ACE to one of its members to recognize excellence and professionalism

  • Pioneer Award – honor members who demonstrate exceptional leadership and technical skills and make significant contributions to ACE during their early careers (first 10 years of ACE membership)

  • Reuben Brigham Award – recognizes an individual outside of ACE for his or her contribution to communication or technology in agriculture, natural resources, and life and human sciences

  • Retiree Award of Excellence – recognizes individuals who have demonstrated excellence in leadership, service, and involvement with ACE retirees and life members or within the larger organization
  • Learning Communities Award of Excellence – recognizes individuals who have demonstrated excellence in each Learning Community area as well as leadership and involvement in ACE

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