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Electronic Media, Video

Class Descriptions: Electronic Media, Video

Judging criteria: Design 20%, Content 20%, Technical Quality 20%, Creativity/Artistic Style 20%, Effectiveness 20%

Judges will consider a project's budget and the use of available resources.

Notes for all classes:

  • May include videos of any length unless otherwise noted.
  • If total video length is over 10 minutes, please submit a 10-minute sample.
  • Unless otherwise noted, video series are welcome in any class, but no more than three 10-minute samples should be entered.
  • Videos should be submitted in classes for which they were originally produced. Although they may be re-purposed for videos that might fit other categories later, they should be judged in the category most appropriate for the original production.

Electronic Media, Video 1 | Social media videos Videos produced primarily for social media (may be distributed across other platforms later) such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These may include odd formatting such as square and vertical videos, generally short duration (under two minutes), and may be produced on mobile devices. 

Electronic Media, Video 2 | Profile videos Videos that focus on telling a particular person’s story. These may feature researchers, students, Extension agents, or donors among others. Videos may be for web, broadcast, or other distribution.

Electronic Media, Video 3 | Motion graphics/augmented reality/virtual reality/animation Video products that use animation, motion graphics, augmented, or virtual reality as the primary ways of conveying information. Entry may be distributed across a range of platforms.

Electronic Media, Video 4 | Promotional, recruitment, and fundraising products Video productions specifically used for promotion, recruitment, and fundraising. Entry may be distributed across a range of platforms.

Electronic Media, Video 5 | Informational or educational video production for external audience/general public Video productions designed for noncredit educational and informational uses and function as standalone videos (or series). These productions may be distributed through web channels or broadcast or be viewed in meetings or workshops, by individuals or groups. Includes how-to videos, public service announcements, etc.

Electronic Media, Video 6 | Informational, news, or educational video production for internal and student audience These videos tend to be more technical in nature and are produced for training purposes or for paid/credit-based class settings. These videos would probably not be used as standalone products, but rather operate as components of a guided learning process (i.e., a classroom setting). These productions may be delivered online or in person, but are not accessible to the general public. 

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