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Electronic Media & Photography

About the EMP Learning Community

The goal of the ACE Electronic Media and Photography Learning Community is to continue year-round dialogue retaining to electronic media and photography and how they can be better implemented to communicate the findings of our institutions to the public we serve, while expanding the professional development and communication opportunities of our members.

We are photographers, videographers,  audio producers, and multimedia journalists dedicated to telling our institutional stories in ways that compel, persuade and educate. But the traditional lines between video, photography, mutimedia, and audio are disappearing...and that means we must constantly learn new things about our craft. Join us in this effort by becoming part of our learning community!

Electronic Media & Photography Leadership

 Chair Susan Hutton
 Colorado State  Susan.Hutton@colostate.edu
 Vice Chair
 David Keto
 University of Wyoming 
 VIce Chair Elect
 Megan Sprague
 Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development spraguem@michigan.gov

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Professional Development Webinars

  • Who Gives a DAM? Digital Asset Management For Your Media.  April 23, 2015. Oregon State University Digital Asset Management Specialist Karen Zimmermann and ACE photographer Peter Tögel of Clemson discuss “Why Digital Asset Management?", how it works, additional resources, and share predictions for the future of DAM. Karen demonstrates Extensis Portfolio, and Peter shares inside scoop on SmugMug. Find out how these DAM systems handle tasks, workflow issues, and their uses in higher ed settings. 

  • Anatomy of an Award-Winning Photo. December 9, 2014. What makes an award-winning photo? A panel of top photographers in the Association for Communication Excellence (ACE) Edwin Remsberg, David Hansen, and Stephen Patton share some of their prize-winning photos, and let you in on secrets to capturing contest-winning images. Our panel of photo experts discusses equipment, lighting, exposure, and composition; but also those “intangibles” that make a photo truly great. Our guests also shared their thoughts on how to select photos for contest entry, and when the shoe is on the other foot, how to judge photos.

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