Information for State Representatives

ACE State Representatives have opportunities

Being an ACE state rep offers an excellent opportunity to enhance your leadership skills as you work with ACE colleagues in your state and your fellow ACE state reps across the country.

The state representative is the primary local contact for ACE members. You are the one who welcomes new members to our organization and presents an accurate first impression of ACE, and provides all state members with a local contact for ACE.

In the words of a former ACE president:

It becomes your job to keep members informed and enthused about opportunities in ACE. It’s your creative inspiration that results in local events that might attract potential members. You’re the one who hears the new ideas that members want implemented. Whether it’s praise or complaints; they’ll likely come to you first. You are the one who suggests elements of change for ACE.  — Gary Hermance

Be assured that not everyone carries out state rep tasks in the same way. There are no rules. Some states have a tradition of meeting regularly to discuss upcoming events and deadlines; some meet just once or twice a year informally to discuss communications research or issues in their state; still others are less formal, with the state rep acting as a local connection between your state’s ACE members and the ACE Board of Directors and ACE Executive Director. You decide what works best for you and your state’s members.

If you have suggestions, please let me know how we can further assist you succeed in your leadership role.

Membership Director, ACE Board of Directors




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