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ACE Constitution Bylaw D:

Statement of Organizational Values

We value:

  • High standards of quality in all our work.
  • Honesty, integrity, accuracy, and fairness in our relationships with clients and colleagues.
  • The rights of free speech and free press.
  • Diverse cultures and backgrounds and the richness they contribute to our profession and organization.
  • Fair, open, and equitable treatment of all people.
  • Practices to ensure conflicts of interest do not influence the quality and integrity of our work and that when such conflicts occur they are disclosed to our audiences.
  • Ongoing cooperation and collaboration between academic professionals and communication practitioners.
  • Research in communication theory and practice that adds to the body of knowledge about our profession.
  • Mentoring support among our membership and for our discipline's student organizations.
  • Career-long learning to sustain our professional growth and development.
  • Our important role in advancing the public's knowledge and understanding of agriculture, natural resources, and life and human sciences.
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