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Monday, June 22 10:00 am - 11:30 am Central Daylight Time


  • Discussion of research papers and posters - links to recorded paper presentations and posters will be provided to all attendees on June 8 to allow time for viewing ahead of this live session
  • Presentation of award winners
  • Business meeting


Join us for a moderated discussion of peer-reviewed research papers and posters. Registrants will receive links to the pre-recorded research paper presentations as well pdf versions of the selected posters on June 8. After the discussion we will also present award winners for the JAC Article of the Year and Runner-Up and ACE Award of Excellence for Research. We will wrap up with our annual business meeting.

Pre-recorded Paper Titles

  • What’s a Farm to You? A Graphic Elicitation Study of Visual Communicators and their Agricultural Perceptions
  • See You On TV: A Phenomenology of Careers on Extension Television
  • Experimental Application of Video Production Techniques to Expert Credibility Perceptions with Rural Land Owners and Managers
  • Women, sexism, and Twitter: Analyzing online conversations about women in agriculture
  • Building Engagement in Facebook: A Case Study with [University] Extension Sustainability
  • Defining Consumer Perceptions of Sustainable Textiles: A Q Method Study
  • One dam controversy: A News Framing Analysis of the lower Snake River dams
  • Antibiotics in Animal Agriculture – What the Media Says 
  • Farmers sharing stories: Determining the effects of narrative and analytical approaches in video production
  • Don’t make me do it! Exploring the role of location and cooperative purchasing agreements on internal branding of Extension communication services units. 
  • Exploring the factors influencing young agriculturalists’ social media behaviors
  • No Science in Politics: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Industrial Hemp Production in Florida Newspapers

Poster Titles

  • Bilingual Communication Practices to Increase Parent and Family Member Involvement in the Student Admission Process in Higher Education 
  • Evaluation Instrument for Industry Review of an Agricultural Communication Writing Course
  • Promoting Public’s Understanding of Pesticide Safety: Insights from A Survey of Texas Residents 
  • Cultured and Alternative Meats: Monitoring Food Trends in a New Decade 
  • Picture Perfect Petunias: Exploring consumer preferences for pictures of agricultural products on Facebook using heat mapping 
  • Picture Climate Change: Climate Change Discourse on Social Media via Meltwater 
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant Handbook for an Agricultural Communication Writing Course
  • Developing a Holistic Model for Technology Adoption 
  • Lightening the Load: Employing a Science Communication Specialist to Relieve Faculty Stress and Share Science Stories 
  • They Look Like Me! Exploring Consumers’ Dynamic Perceptions of the American Farmer 
  • Are we on the same page? A language-based comparison of African Swine Fever Twitter posts 
  • They want it their way: Extension agriculture educators’ experience with knowledge resources availability and gap 
  • Organic Labeling is a Joke:A Content Analysis of Parents’ Perceptions of Organic Food on BabyCenter.com

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