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Publishing & Graphic Design

Publishing & Graphic Design Leadership

 Chair Ana Iverson
 Louisiana State University aiverson@agcenter.lsu.edu
 Vice Chair
 Stacy Herrick West Virginia State University sherrick1@wvstateu.edu
 Vice Chair Elect
 Melea Reicks-Licht  Iowa State University mreicks@iastate.edu

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ACE Publishing and Graphic Design Learning Community

Business Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, June 25th at 3:15 - 4:30                  

Ana Iverson, Chair

Stacy Herrick, Vice-Chair

Melea Reicks Licht, Past-Chair

3:15 -- Introductions and review agenda

3:20 – Introduce the new Vice-Chair, Tanya Engel from UWA

3:25 -- Discuss learning community member needs and expectations and identify goals for 2019/2020

  • Conduct a small-group activity. Groups of two or three discuss the following questions and make suggestions. 
  • What would make this learning community useful and valuable to you in the coming year?
  • What topics would you like to learn more about?
  • Feedback on 2019 C&A’s

3:35 -- Congratulate publishing and graphic design C&A silver and bronze winners and hand out certificates.

3:45 – Suzanne Steel will open a discussion about her session on Wednesday.

3:55 -- C&A award winner presentations

  • Blair Hess and Wyvette Williams, Kentucky State University Land Grant Program
  • Roxanne Hare, LSU AgCenter
  • Chelsea Kellner and Patty Mercer, NC State University

4:10 -- Split into two groups to briefly offer peer critique for those who brought items for review.

Yearly Report

Publishing and Graphic Design Learning Community

Mission statement: To develop and recognize professional skills and facilitate networking and information sharing among ACE members who work in the editorial aspects or graphic design of print or electronic publications.


LC Chair: Ana Iverson, Louisiana State University Ag Center

LC Chair-Elect: Stacey Herrick, West Virginia State University

Past Chair: Melea Reicks Licht, Iowa State University 


GOALS: Our goals were to host a webinar, nominate a professional skill award winner, identify incoming leadership prior to 2019 conference, keep LC information up-to-date online, add an award-winner showcase section to LC website/Facebook.

ACTIVITES UPDATE: We hosted a very successful webinar on publication pdf and webpage accessibility. We had about 40 people remote in to watch and had 6 sit in physically on the presentation. Many emailed requesting the PowerPoint presentations and supplemental info.

We identified new incoming leadership. Tanya Engel has volunteered to be the new Chair-Elect. Stacy Herrick will move up to Chair. Ana Iverson will stay on as Past Chair to assist.

We have worked on correcting information about our LC on the website as well as updating the webinars.

We plan on contacting Deb at Celtic after the conference to request information on C&A winners in the design category. We would like to start yearly albums on our Facebook that showcases their work.


What are your Learning Community's goals for the year including professional development offerings?

We will be gathering information from our LC members at our business meeting to see what they will be interested in for the next year.

How are/did you communicating with members, and on what schedule?

We sent out monthly newsletters and also utilized Facebook to communicate.

What thoughts or comments do you have for the ACE board?

Thank you!

Professional Development Webinars

Best Practices for Making Your Publication PDFs and Webpages More Accessible - View Video

February 13, 2019 - 9:00am CT

In this webinar, we will cover information on how to make your publication webpages more accessible by focusing on what to do with your publication content, images, charts, etc. Also, we will cover some “how-tos”

when it comes to making your PDFs more accessible and highlight some tools you can use in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat.

Developing for the User: Usability, Accessibility and Inclusion - View Video 

December 15, 2017

Presented by: Dr. Zayira Jordan, Iowa State University's Web Accessibility Coordinator

Ever heard “Make sure the website is accessible!” and wondered how exactly to do that? This session will describe some Universal Design principles and methodology related to accessibility.  We will show how you can empathize and develop in a way that will enhance the web experience for everybody including persons with disabilities.  Topics of our conversation will include:

⦁ The definition of accessibility – What is it? How does it relate to web?

⦁ Why we should care about accessibility – Why am I hearing about this so much lately?

⦁ Where to find official web accessibility standards – Let’s take a look at the rules and guides that exist – don’t worry, we’ll make this part fun!

⦁ Simple steps to improve accessibility on your website – yes, you can improve your site today!


No Such Thing as an Everyday Project - View Video

May 17, 2017

Nick Van Berkum, Iowa State University communication specialist and designer, shares tips for stretching your creativity and approaching every assignment with fresh eyes.  To Nick, there is no such thing as a small project.  An artist and freelance designer off-campus, Nick has designed gig posters for Wilco, Eric Church, Cake, comedian Mike Birbiglia and a variety of other bands. Whether the job is a poster for a university event, a brochure or a full-scale website, Nick encourages designers to have fun with their creative process, experiment with ideas and never settle for a boring or mundane design. Nick shares how he does just that during his creative process and offer ideas for you to stay out of the design rut with your everyday projects. 

Storytelling in Design - View Video 

December 15, 2016

Jessa Wilcoxen offers this 30-minute webinar incorporating visual storytelling techniques into your marketing and design pieces. As an educator of digital media in the Departments of Art, Arts Technology, English and Marketing at Millikin University, she teaches a wide range of design classes. Jessa considers storytelling to be a vital tool for her professional design work developed through her consulting business, Creative Spark and her fine art, which she has showcased in exhibitions locally and nationally. In this webinar she breaks down the elements of visual storytelling, offers optional exercises and examples of solutions.

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