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Social Media Leadership

 Chair  Stacey Stearns
University of Connecticut stacey.stearns@uconn.edu
 Vice Chair
 Lindsey Davidson
 Lindsey Davidson
 Vice Chair Elect
 David Allen
 University of Georgia dgallen@uga.edu

Mission Statement

The Social Media Learning Community shares best management practices and platform updates among social media managers, offers professional development for members, and works with ACE to develop content for the organization’s social media channels.

Speaker Information

Lilliana Gonzalez and Daniel Vargas of the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) will be presenting a workshop during the Social Media Learning Community meeting at the Association for Communication Excellence meeting in San Antonio on Tuesday, June 25th at 3 PM. One of the topics they will be covering is ensuring brand through our social media accounts, since not all of the things we share are well branded.

Lilliana and Daniel manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Nextdoor, and Periscope accounts for SAWS, engaging with a variety of audiences and partners in San Antonio.

SAWS is a public utility owned by the City of San Antonio. It was created in May 1992 through the consolidation of its three predecessor agencies:

§  City Water Board – the previous city-owned water supply utility.

§  City Wastewater Department – the city government department responsible for sewage collection and treatment.

§  Alamo Water Conservation and Reuse District – an independent city agency created to develop a system for reuse of treated wastewater.

Since the formation of SAWS, San Antonio has been recognized nationally for its leadership in conservation and proactive water supply management, making San Antonio... Waterful.

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