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ACE Sponsored Webinars

ACE professional development opportunities are offered during the year via SIG sponsored webinars and also face to face at annual meetings. The following is a list of webinars offered by and/or for ACE members in partnership with the national eXtension initiative. The recordings and many more professional development opportunities are available at learn.extension.org.

If you know of other webinar recordings that should be added to this list, please contact ACE Professional Development Director.


Learn How to Network with LinkedIn

Melissa McGinnis
Marketing and Communications Specialist
UF/IFAS Food and Resource Economics Department

LinkedIn presentation, right column, below photo

The Art of the Profile: Setting the Scene

Courtney Leeper


Not Your Father’s Extension! The Transformation of an Organizational Model Webinar

  • Mary F. Wirth, ACE Learning Community director, and Jon Emigh, Associate Director of Business Operations for the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences. Part 2 of a 2-part series on program support projects happening in Virginia and Pennsylvania. If interested, participate in Part 1 from November 2, Extension21 – Support Modernization for Virginia Cooperative Extension. Audience: Extension directors, administrators, communication professionals, program teams and anyone else interested. Learn more and participate here: learn.extension.org/events/2868

Marketing Plan Development Webinar

How to Write (And Finish) a Novel

Melvin, Media Specialist, Clemson University, Clemson Public Service & Agriculture

Hope is Not a Strategy

Case Study: Penn State Extension's Engagement to Restore State Funding. Mary Wirth, Director of College Relations and Communications, Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences

Advanced Photography Editing Webinar

  • Award-winning Photographer Scott Stebner presents a one-hour workshop on his experience with RAW workflow, exporting to Photoshop, and non-destructive photo editing techniques. This webinar is aimed at those who are experienced in Photoshop, but valuable info is here for all. Especially the tip about how to post high quality photos on Facebook!

Introduction to Video Editing: Mobile Apps and Beyond

  • You want to branch out to include simple video production in your skill set? Want to be able to use your laptop, iPhone, or iPad to edit short, simple, but effective videos? If so, this webinar is for you. We’ll share the basics of video editing that are applicable across all platforms, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We’ll discuss tips for beginners on capturing good video, “shooting for the edit” to build a more powerful visual story, and demonstrate the actual editing process including iMovie (for iPhone, mac, and iPad) Windows Moviemaker, and the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro. Presenters: Susie Hutton, Colorado State University, and Jeff Hino, Oregon State University




  • January 15. Essential Graphics / Design Concepts for Non-Designers. Presented by Ana Henke. Description / Recording
  • January 30. Mobile Development Series, Part 1. HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design and JQuery Mobile. Presented by Sarah Johnston and Jay Van Voast. Description / Recording
  • February 13. Mobile Development Series, Part 2. Introduction to JQuery. Presented by Sarah Johnston and Jay Van Voast. Description / Recording
  • March 1. Motivating Employees -- A discussion based on the book Drive. Discussion led by Beth Forbes. Description / Recording
  • April 30. What's new with Associated Press style? Darrell Christian, Keith Robinson, and Kay Ledbetter. Description / Recording


  • January 25. Leading Through Change: The Unique Role Communication Units Play in Oganizational Change. Presented by Mary Wirth. Description / Recording
  • October 12. The power of vertical media to set the agenda and the power of horizontal media to moderate or amplify the resullts. Dr. Shaw. Description / Recording


  • January 14. The Mobile Web. Presented by Ray Kimsey. Description / Recording
  • January 24. Return on Investment -- Social Media. Presented by Mike Lambur, Eli Sagor and Dan Toland. Description / Recording 
  • February 9, Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Benerosity in a Connected Age. Clay Shirky book discussion led by Kevin Gamble. Description / Recording
  • March 16. Jargon, Clichés and Other Unfriendlies. Presented by Keith Robinson. Description / Recording
  • March 28. Open Education. Presented by David Wiley. Description / Recording
  • April 6. Measuring Excellence in Extension. Presented by Carol Whatley, Scott Cummings. Description / Recording
  • April 15. Developing iPhone Apps. Presented by Chris LaBelle. Description / Recording
  • April 27. Making IT communications accessible to ensure equal participation and success. Presented by Gabriel Merrell. Description / Recording
  • June 2. Twitter Basics. Presented by John Dorner and Rhonda Conlon. Description / Recording
  • June 11. Combining  Photographs with Slogans to Promote Organizational Image. Description / Recording
  • June 12. ACE/NETC 2011 Gary Hermance Keynote: Presented by Temple Grandin. Description / Recording
  • October 25. Converting Publications to eBooks, Step-by-Step. Presented by Ana Henke, Description / Recording
  • October 26. Developing Mobile Apps for Disaster Education. Presented by Bob Bertsch and Jake Joraanstad. Description / Recording
  • November 9. How to Garner National News Attention. Presented by Steve Smith. Description / Recording
  • December 7. Leveraging Social Media. Presented by Stan Skrabut. Description /Recording


  • March 10. Diversity Issues in the Digital Age. Presented by Dr. Kayt Sunwood. Description / Recording
  • May 10. A Leader's Framework for Decision Making: A strategy for dealing with complexity. Presented by Kevin Gamble, Beth Raney, Anne Adrian and Jerry Thomas. Description / Recording
  • May 13. Taming Twitter - How to find and share value 140 characers at a time. Presented by Dan Toland. Description / Recording
  • December 8. Social Media Guidelines and Policies. Panel Presentation. Description / Recording

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