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Types of Membership

ACE Membership Options

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Professional Member

Any single person will be eligible for professional membership whose duties consist wholly or mostly of preparing agriculture, natural resources, life and human sciences, or related educational information in any medium or of furthering the technology of communications, and who is connected with a publicly supported university or other institution or with a unit of federal, state, or provincial government. Professional membership also includes any person with a professional interest in agriculture, natural resources, life and human sciences, or related communications. Annual dues are $120.

Student/Recent Graduate

Any person who is a full-time undergraduate or graduate student, or has graduated within the last two years, will be eligible for student/recent graduate membership. Annual dues are $60.


Any member who has retired from employment is eligible for retired membership on the membership application form for the next membership year.  Annual dues are $100.


Any retired member who is eligible for retired member status and who has at least 10 years of membership in ACE may apply to become a life member. Life membership will take effect upon approval by the ACE Board. One time payment of $300.

Institutional Membership | 5 Members  

The institutional membership categories offer organizations an opportunity to engage their departments as a group while still providing each member with ACE professional membership benefits. The Institutional members must all be employed or working within the same organization. Bundle (up to 5 members) - Annual Dues $600

International Chapter

The chapter membership is designated for developing countries where budgets and salaries preclude paying individual memberships. We accept a developing country as defined by the World Bank.  The representative provides a list of communications and technology professionals qualified for membership (working in information and technology units of agricultural education, research, and development institutions). This group of persons have 'chapter member' status, and receive the equivalent of one individual membership (e.g., one vote in ACE elections and one set of ACE materials that can be duplicated for wider distribution in the country). Chapter members are eligible to participate in the Critique and Awards (C&A) program and meetings and conferences at the professional member rate, but cannot be officers or directors of the ACE Board. It does not imply a lesser professionalism or skill level on the part of the members from charter-status countries. Chapter status for a country does not preclude individuals in that country from applying and paying for an individual professional membership.

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