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ACE Service Award Winners

2017 Becky Koch, North Dakota State University
2015 Ana Henke, New Mexico State University
2014 Robert Casler, University of Arizona
2013 Brian Meyer, Iowa State University
2012 Rhonda Conlon, North Carolina State University
2011 K. Robert (Bob) Kern, Iowa State University
2010 Faith Peppers, University of Georgia
2009 Ken Kulka and Randy Nemitz, The Ohio State University
2008 Gloria Holcombe, Kansas State University
2007 Suzanne Steel, The Ohio State University
2006 Mark Tucker, The Ohio State University
2004 Martha Filipic, Ohio State University
2003 James Evans, University of Illinois
2002 Ken Kingsley, Oregon State University; Eric Abbott, Iowa State University
2001 Evie Liss, Oregon State University
2000 Janet Rodekohr, University of Georgia
1998 Gwil Evans, Oregon State University
1997 Donna Southard, Eldon Fredericks and Dave King, Purdue University
1996 Meg G. Ashman, University of Vermont; Robert R. Furbee, Kansas State University
1995 Tana Kappel, Montana State University
1994 Edna Smith, Texas A&M University
1993 Katie Lamar Smith, Auburn
1992 Melva L. Berkland, Iowa State University
1991 William E. Carnahan, U.S. Department of Agriculture
1990 Dave Morris, Ashley Wood and Julie Graddy, University of Florida; Pat Calvert, U.S. Department of Agriculture

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