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Through ACE, you can interact with a broad range of communication and information technology professionals – from writers, educators, video producers and graphic designers to database programmers and web developers.

ACE enables you to network with more specialized peer groups from around the world through Learning Communities. These groups provide a community of common interests and expertise, and an additional way to sharpen your skills and grow professionally.

ACE members  Heather Griffiths, Tracy Bryant and Michelle Wood discuss a graphics project

The Learning Communities are organized by the following subjects:
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    • Academic and Research: Provides professional development for individuals in agricultural communication research and academic programming activities.
    • Diversity and Accessibility: Fosters engagement and awareness of a wider, more representative, and diverse community of professional communicators and their audiences.
    • Electronic Media and Photography: Provides professional development for photographers, videographers, audio producers, and multimedia journalists.
    • Instructional Design and Information Technology: Provides professional development for instructional designers, teachers, and technologists working in educational and nonprofit organizations.
    • Leadership and Management: Focuses on the development and enhancement of leadership and management skills.
    • Marketing: Promotes awareness and understanding of marketing principles and practices among ACE members.
    • Media Relations and Writing: Provides professional development for individuals who want to help the public better understand the findings of science and how scientific discovery affects our lives and the world.
    • Publishing and Graphic Design: Provides professional development for graphic designers and individuals who create publications.
    • Social Media: Shares best management practices and platform updates for social media managers.

    Learning Community members communicate through electronic discussions and newsletters, as well as in person during meetings and workshops. Members share ideas and experiences, and also help plan program content for ACE’s annual conference.

    As a benefit of membership, you may join as many Learning Communities as you are interested in at no charge.  Join one or several to best suit your professional development needs.

    ACE members conduct video shoot in field. ACE members communicate message about agriculture and natural resources to various audiences.

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