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Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence recognizes individuals who have demonstrated excellence in the discipline or area of communications represented by a Learning Community as well as leadership and involvement in ACE. A recipient may be a current or a past member of the Learning Community.

Guidelines for Nomination

  1. A nominee must have their membership dues paid for the current year.

  2. A nominee must have at least five years of membership in ACE (not necessarily consecutive). 

  3. Any ACE member – active or retired – may be nominated by any ACE member.

  4. A nominee must not be currently serving in a leadership role for the Learning Community for which they are nominated. 

  5. A nominee must be a current or past member of the Learning Community for which the award is given.

  6. Learning Communities do not have to have a nominee every year.

  7. Current ACE board members and directors-elect are not eligible to receive an Award of Excellence. 

  8. No person should be named an award recipient for more than one Learning Community in the same year.

  9. The Learning Community chairs and the Learning Community director serve as the Award of Excellence Committee. They are responsible for promoting the awards, soliciting and screening nominations, selecting recipients, and presenting the awards at the ACE annual meeting. The name of the finalist must be sent to the Learning Community director for presentation to and approval by the board.

  10. The Learning Community director and the ACE board, with the concurrence of the Learning Community chair, may reject any nomination, if a candidate does not meet expected standards of documented performance.

  11. Runner-up nominees are not considered automatic candidates in subsequent years. New nominations need to be made each year.

  12. Selection, acquisition, and engraving of appropriate plaques or certificates is a function of the ACE management office. No cash or sponsored award is allowed.

Nomination Form

Past Recipients

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