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Electronic Media, Audio

Class Descriptions: Electronic Media, Audio

Judging criteria: Planning and vision 25%, Content presentation 25%, Technical quality 25%,
Creativity/artistic style 25%

Judges will consider a project's budget and the use of available resources.

Electronic Media, Audio 1 | News and features. Submit a news actuality, voiced report or short feature produced for use within a commercial or noncommercial newscast for broadcast or Internet distribution. Include a cue sheet.

Electronic Media, Audio 2 | Programs, podcasts and spots. Submit a special, documentary, regularly produced program, regularly produced podcast, public service spot or other spot prepared for use on a commercial or noncommercial outlet for broadcast or Internet distribution. If submitting programs from a series, samples from up to three separate programs may be submitted. If submitting spots, submit no more than five spots in a series with no spot longer than 60 seconds. Cue sheet(s) should accompany entries where applicable.

This category is distinct from Electronic Media, Audio 1 in that these productions are more likely to be self-contained and complete than intended for use within other programming.

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