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Electronic Media, Audio

Class Descriptions: Electronic Media, Audio

Judging: Planning and vision 25%
Content presentation 25%
Technical quality 25%
Creativity/artistic style 25%

Electronic Media, Audio 1 | News and features. Submit a news actuality, voiced report or short feature produced for use within a commercial or noncommercial newscast for broadcast or Internet distribution. Include a cue sheet. Judges will consider a project's budget and the use of available resources.

Electronic Media, Audio 2 | Programs, podcasts and spots. Submit a special, documentary, regularly produced program, regularly produced podcast, public service spot or other spot prepared for use on a commercial or noncommercial outlet for broadcast or Internet distribution. If submitting programs from a series, samples from up to three separate programs may be submitted. If submitting spots, submit no more than five spots in a series with no spot longer than 60 seconds. Cue sheet(s) should accompany entries where applicable.

This category is distinct from Electronic Media, Audio 1, news and features, in that these productions are more likely to be self-contained and complete than intended for use within other programming. 

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