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Class Descriptions: Photography

Eligible photos must have appeared in an article, publication or series of publications, website or exhibit. Creativity, interest, timing and technical quality will be evaluated.

All photography category entries must be submitted online. No physical entries.

Judging for all photography classes: Technical quality 25%, Creativity/originality 25%, Audience interest/impact 25%, Overall evaluation 25%

Class 7a — Feature photo: one image that effectively tells a story. A single image that tells a story effectively in one shot.

Class 7b — Environmental portrait or personality photo. – photo of a person taken at work or in a setting related to their work.  

Class 8 — Picture story. Three or more photos used to tell a story.

Class 9 — Service photo. For those pictures that are required as part of the mission of the institution. Examples would be shots of events such as fairs, field days, award presentations, etc.

Class 10 — Photo Enhanced: For photos made entirely under the photographer's control, including setups, studio still life and/or pictures extensively manipulated through software (e.g.,Photoshop), mobile apps or other technology. 

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