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Class Descriptions: Photography

Eligible photos must have appeared in an article, publication or series of publications, website or exhibit. 

Judging criteria: Technical quality 35%, Creativity/originality 35%, Audience interest/impact 30%

Photography 1 | Feature photo: one image that effectively tells a story: A single image that tells a story effectively in one shot.

Photography 2 | Environmental portrait or personality photo: photo of a person taken at work or in a setting related to their work.  

Photography 3 | Picture story: Three or more photos used to tell a story.

Photography 4 | Service photo: For those pictures that are required as part of the mission of the institution. Examples would be shots of events such as fairs, field days, award presentations, etc.

Photography 5 | Enhanced photo: For photos made entirely under the photographer's control, including setups, studio still life and/or pictures extensively manipulated through software (e.g.,Photoshop), mobile apps or other technology. 

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