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Class Descriptions: Writing

Entries in Writing 1-4, must include the article as submitted and one clipping or copy of the article as printed. Include the name and location of the publication and the date published.

Entries in Writing 5, must include a copy of the script as written as well as a copy of the finished product, along with a date and description of the circumstances of its completion or initial presentation.

Entries in Writing 6, The speech will not be judged on the point of view of the writer or speaker but rather on the merit of its written presentation.

Entries in Writing 7 & 8, must include the URL of the Web page.

For all classes, include other pertinent supporting information in the section of the entry. Judging will emphasize writing quality, not the technical quality of the surrounding publication or finished electronic product. Content, organization, writing style and proper format will be considered. In Writing 5, technical elements that usually are written into a script (such as natural sound or visual images) also will be considered.

Judging criteria 1-5, 7, 8: Content 25%, Writing quality 25%, Creativity 25%, Writing style 25%

Judging criteria 6: Content (substance) 25%, Writing quality (coherence) 25%, Creativity (humanity) 25%, Writing style 25%

Writing 1 | Writing for newspapers. Submit one article published in a daily or weekly newspaper. 

Writing 2 | Writing for magazines. This includes articles in magazines and newspaper supplements that use a magazine format. 

Writing 3 | Writing within a specialized publication. This includes writing for internal or external publications and audiences, for newsletters, annual reports, books, guide sheets, instruction booklets and other publications, except those that fit into the promotional writing class. 

Writing 4 | Promotional writing. This includes copy for promotional brochures and catalogs, development/solicitation letters, legislative communications, advertisements and other promotional or marketing efforts. 

Writing 5 | Script writing for visual media. This includes television, videotapes and slide presentations. Include the script and finished product. 

Writing 6 | Speech Writing. Submit a script written for a speaker to deliver in person, via videoconferencing, or via taped message.

Writing 7 | Writing for the Web. Submit one article published online, including the URL. The writing must be original content intended for online readership (i.e., not simply a PDF page or news release posted to the web). 

Writing 8 | Writing for Social MediaSubmit one social media post (social media text and any related graphics), including the originally posted social media URL. Entries will be judged on the ability of the written content to enhance the message being conveyed. Related graphics/photos should be sent to provide a sense for the entire post but will not be judged as part of this category. Judging will evaluate how the post verbiage integrates with the graphics used, usefulness of writing, conciseness, and the ability of audiences to understand the writing. Submissions should include the social media platform the writing was used on.

800x600 Collaborate with Dave to write guidelines for creating accessible PDF files, share the
guidelines with Agnes and encourage her to start using them by May 1.
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