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ACE Update – December 2017

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President's Message

Membership Information

Apply for a Development Fund Grant

First-year Member to Active Member Dues Reminder

Dear ACE members,

As president, I naturally think about ACE and its members a lot. But lately I’ve come to realize how often I count on the wisdom and strengths I’ve observed during my ACE years:

  • Okay, how did Edwin tell us to light up the night sky and can I use that information to capture these fireworks?
  • I wish I could channel Ruth right now so I could handle this person with better grace.
  • How would Faith manage our 4-H disaster du jour?
  • If only I had the enthusiasm for this task that ChaNae` does for planning the post conference session.
  • My lede is clunky. Need to read some Brian, Steve, Chris.
  • Oh yeah. Bruce said to hold my phone this way when I shoot video.
  • Why can’t I clone Kay and Martha?
  • And there’s always WWTMD: What would Terry Meisenbach do?

And my list goes on. Thanks to all of you who have supported ACE by presenting at a meeting, leading a webinar, volunteering, and just plain networking. You are all making a difference to your fellow members.

In order to keep doing that, you’ll find some important reminders in this issue:

  • It’s time for many of us to renew membership. Please do so; we will miss you if you don’t.
  • It’s time to propose sessions for the 2018 conference. Share your strengths with us.
  • It’s almost time to apply for a development grant. Get a little financial help from ACE to tackle that special project.

Finally, enjoy your holidays with your friends and family.

Suzanne Steel, ACE President

ACE Membership: A Smart Investment!

I was reminded of ACE during a recent lecture for agricultural communication majors, when I discussed the difference between marketing and public relations. Both are important and work together, but one is effective because you understand your audience and the other because you have developed relationships.

Through my years in ACE, thankfully I have been able to greatly improve my skills in both marketing and public relations. ACE has provided me great professional development but even more, a network of agriculture-focused communication professionals. I know of no other organization that provides the specific day-to-day resources of ACE. We often focus on client relationships, but the professional relationships available through ACE are just as important. As they say, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know.
This time of year many of you will be receiving notices that it is time to renew your ACE membership. There are many demands on each us, but we can’t neglect our professional development and networking needs. I’m stealing from a marketing slogan when I say this, but “ACE is the place” for you to learn more and do more with help from colleagues who know your job well, share the same challenges and freely offer advice and expertise.

You don’t have to take just my word for it. On our ACE Facebook page you can find the words of others who have benefited from ACE. When visiting the site, please feel free to share your own experiences as well. And, don’t forget to add “renew ACE membership” to your to do list!

Beth Forbes
Membership Director

Apply for a Development Fund Grant Grant

Would you like to explore a specific interest or educational opportunity? Apply for an ACE Development Fund grant. We will accept applications through Dec. 31. We are looking for projects with broad application so other ACE members can benefit from the professional development experience. Successful projects develop new knowledge and information in our discipline, apply concepts or technology in innovative ways, show teamwork, and reflect previous service to ACE.

Grants support individual or group professional improvement projects. See project examples and review application procedures. Proposals are due by Dec. 31.

Not sure how you would benefit from a Development Fund grant?  Hear from one of our project leaders and stay tuned for more information.

Moving from First-year to Active Membership Dues Reminder

If you are currently a first-year ACE member and need to renew your membership for 2018, please remember you move from first-year to active membership, and the cost is $120 a year. Any questions, please contact ACE Executive Director Holly Young at holly.young@unh.edu. Thank you!

Send submissions, upcoming webinars and ideas to forbes@purdue.edu.

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